The poet Gabriele D’Annunzio described the coast near Reggio Calabria as “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy”.

The picture postcard, sun-drenched beaches are certainly a major attraction of the South of Italy. Rugged coastlines and steep cliff paths lead down to white sands and rocky caves with warm waters ranging from crystal clear to deep azure.

They’re certainly a sight to behold, but stunning beaches are by no means the whole story. Southern Italy has an incredibly diverse landscape that offers something for everyone. Mountains, national parks, hilltop villages, rivers, forests and areas of archaeological importance are just some of the other reasons why it’s so easy to fall in love with the South.

Cities, towns and villages all compete for individuality with their own traditions and folklore, not to mention their own food and wine. Culinary delights are an important part of life here – after all, Southern Italy is regarded as the birthplace of Pizza!

The South of Italy brings many visitors from Rome and the far more populous North. The hot and sunny climate attracts tourists to the sandy beaches in the summer whilst winter brings skiers to the mountains. Roman and Greek ruins and buildings attract many with sights such as Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the Amalfi Coast adds to the mix, making the Campania region the most popular place for visitors from Italy’s capital.

Agriculture has long been the chief employer in Southern Italy and it’s one of the reasons that much of this area is undeveloped. Local and visitors alike appreciate the quieter regions and consider it the real Italy. You will notice that much of the coastline is a stark contrast to the busy developed seaside towns of the Mediterranean.

About Puglia

Many of our properties are in the delightful region of Puglia. Often referred to as the New Tuscany, the property market is still relatively immature with many areas undeveloped. Puglia has it all, with good airline links, charming locals, incredible beaches and land that’s increasingly being classified as national park.

Dotted amongst the regions olive groves and vineyards – a clue to the fact that Puglia is a food and drink lovers paradise – are picturesque villages, historical buildings and ‘trulli’ – the white, cone-shaped houses that are synonymous with the area. It’s also worth remembering that the coastline is never more than 30 minutes away. Whilst bargains can still be found, property and land prices in Puglia are likely to rise quickly.

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