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The 2012 Oscar’s was a record edition. Meryl Streep is the only living actress who has won the greater number of Oscars and with the greater number of nominations. Jean Dujardin is the first French actor who has won an Oscar and The Artist is the first Oscar winner for a silent film since 1929. Cristopher Plummer who is 82 years old is the oldest winner. Martin Scorsese for the first time has earned five Oscars for his film and finally ” A Separation” is the first Iranian film to win an Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film.

The Artist, the French black and white film, was the bigger winner at the 84th Academy Awards this year. With a total of five Oscars including Best Picture and Best Directing, this silent film in a 3 – D era was a total surprise. Even the film’s charming star, Jean Dujardin, won Best Actor. But another film won five Oscars, Martin Scorsese’ s Hugo. The 3 – D film earned awards for its art direction, cinematography, sound mixing, sound editing and visual effects.

Winners for Art Direction was a couple of italian set designers Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo who live in Los Angeles but still consider themselves as absolutely italians. They won their third Oscar after ” The Aviator” and ” Sweeney Todd ” and were very happy about it but also a bit disappointed for Martin Scorsese. They said that he deserved the Oscar for best directing. They did a great and hard job in reproducing the whole city of Paris and it was also their first 3 – D film. They are very famous in italian cinema because they worked with Pasolini and Fellini. Italians are very proud of them and also consider absolutely right the choice to live in America that can provide them with all the money they need to express their imagination and talent.



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