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Sanremo Festival is an annual event famous throughout Italy. It takes place at the end of February in the splendid town of Sanremo, in Liguria, known as the capital of the Italian Riviera of Flowers.

The first edition was organized in 1951 and held in the Casino Theatre until 1976, then moved to the Ariston Theatre. In 1951 there were only three performers, then the number grew in the following editions. Until 1954 the editions were only broadcasted by radio then the festival became primarly a TV event, broadcasted in Eurovision by Italian TV station RAI 1.

The Festival consists of a five-night competition amongst previously unreleased songs, never performed publicly before, divided into two different categories one called “BIG” for singers already known and the other called “Young” that refers to unkown performers . All songs are voted by a jury and a popular public vote.

The Festival has also launched the careers of many important Italian singers, like Domenico Modugno, Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti and Giorgia.

But not always one has to win the competition to become famous sometimes winners disappear within a few months while songs that don’t win and even are down towards the bottom obtain an overwhelming popular success.


This year for example the Festival was full of many nice and original songs and it was very difficult  to choose one. The winner is an Apulian girl called Emma and her song is about the problems that Italy is facing in this particular moment when people are loosing their jobs. The song is called “NON E’ L’INFERNO” which means “IT’S NOT HELL”. But personally I have also really liked Arisa and Noemi.

In Italy Sanremo Festival is one of the most popular events, as is the Super Bowl in the USA, only when the Italian Football Team plays there is such a large audience.

During Sanremo’s week, magazines publish articles and issues specially dedicated to the event and TV programs broadcast thousands of hours of coverage and comments. But not everything is related only to music it sometimes seems to be much more interesting talking about the international guests, the presenters and the way they are dressed rather than focusing on the Italian songs.


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