Town spotlight: POLIGNANO A MARE “The Pearl of the Adriatic Coast”

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Polignano a Mare is a town in the province of Bari. It’s one of the most fascinating town not only in Puglia but in Italy.  If you visit Puglia you cannot miss this picturesque place that attracts so many people during the summer time. The first time I’ ve seen it I’ve suddenly fallen in love with it. A lot of “ Baresi “ (people from Bari) use to go to Polignano just to take a walk around the streets of its charming historical city center and get an ice cream.

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What makes Polignano so spectacular is its location on the top of the limestone cliffs overlooking the Azure Sea and if you then include the historic old town with narrow roads and alleys twisting and turning in a maze of house, shops, bars and restaurants, it becomes clear everyone’s idea of the perfect Italian coastal town. But in my opinion what really you’ll love about it are the many terraces overlooking the sea which offer a suggestive panoramic vision and an unrepeatable spectacle.

It was probably founded originally and part of Ancient Greece as the town of “ Neapolis “, in fact many people still see a greek flavour to the design and layout of the town.

Entrance to the old quarter is between the Ponte Lama Monachile and the Piazza Garibaldi on the main road through the town, through the 16th century archway, the Arco Marchesale, which was once the only entrance to the original fortified town that was completely walled and moated on the land side.

If you closely as you enter you can still see the evidence of the chain holes for the drawbridge, the old sentry stations, the grove for the portcullis and various other doorways.

Once inside you enter a labyrinth of alleys and narrow streets that have changed little through the centuries, with plenty of pavement restaurants and bars to keep you refreshed during your stroll.

Getting there from either of the international airports is easy using the coast road (SS16) it is approximately 30 miles from Bari and 50 miles from Brindisi, both an easy and relatively pleasant drive.

From the tall cliffs, every year athletes from around the world take part in a diving competion. It features probably the most unusual of all platforms – a private balcony. The house the balcony belongs to is integrated into the cliff and not surprisingly the location has become internationally renowned.

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